A typical rehearsal?

So – how do we rehearse?

A typical rehearsal starts with members arriving to put out chairs, collect music – or hand it in, and to have a chat before the rehearsal starts at 7.30.   Whether you have sung in a choir before or not, the first visit to any organisation can be daunting, and many choirs are no different.  When you arrive please do approach someone and state that you are a potential new member.  They will then direct you to a member of the committee.   Once we have taken some basic details we will endeavour to sit you with someone who is reasonably musically proficient – this is to help you fit in; it’s certainly not an audition.

Photo credit: Duncan Walker

The rehearsal generally starts with a quick warm-up and then it’s straight into singing.

Our accompanist is always on hand to play the notes for learning and for replaying phrases until we have got them right.  For new pieces will will often sing them through first, get thoroughly lost and then go back piecemeal – usually a page a a time, although it does depend on the piece. The repetition of short phrases is the easiest way to learn music in a large group.  Everyone is actively encouraged to speak up if they don’t “get” a part, because with those numbers there is often someone else who doesn’t too.

We have a break at around 8:30pm  for 15 minutes, cup of coffee/tea and some biscuits (cake if we’re lucky)  and then it’s back to singing until 9:30pm. We do like to try to start singing at 7:30pm.

If you don’t like us then we don’t mind.  Music and singing are very personal things.  Any activity you do in your spare time must be enjoyable and singing isn’t for everyone.  However, we do really hope you consider coming along to try us out, and that if you do, you enjoy singing with us.