At the Fellowship Singers of Shirley we are proud of our Choral History and the choir still meets in the Hall where it originally met – although after 60 years there have been many changes – and we don’t just mean the uniform!

We formed in 1952 when a group of singers met on a Sunday evening to sing together for their own enjoyment and for the enjoyment of others.  Our ethos and enjoyment of singing is reflected in the fact that some people have moved away and returned – sometimes after a period of 20 years or more, and that we can boast longstanding continuous service from other members.  New members are always welcome and the vast majority of them stay with us once they’ve started.  You see, we take “Fellowship” very seriously!

Over the years Concerts, Carol Singing and other fund raising activities have resulted in approximately forty five thousand pounds being donated to national and local charities.


Proms Concert 2014. Image courtesy of AJ Pilkington (Manicks Productions).

The choir has been fortunate over the years with their Musical Directors and their longevity. The founding MD, John Wells, was with us for 15 years.  Since then we have been directed by Ian Piggott (15 years), Dominic Cain (5 years), Bob Yates, Betty Gibbs, Jean Hamilton (10 years), Alan Jones and Caroline Edwards (9 years).

Equally we have been fortunate to secure talented accompanists of varying ages over the life of the Choir.  These include Caroline Edwards, Peter Flower and Fay Monypenny.

The current Musical Director is Rosemary Worsley (June 2018) and our Accompanist is Mark Edwin Arstall (October 2012).